Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cheese for a Wednesday, pt. 3

Yes, it's Wednesday again. And I sure hope your day was better than mine! But you know what? While any and every day is a good day to eat cheese, cheese for a Wednesday is a special thing. Its a cheese that you can think about all day, while you are busy dealing with tedious book keeping, a pile of essays to read, saxophone lessons, whiny volunteers or misbehaving experimental bacteria. (Shouts out there for some of my loyal readers - you know who you are!). This has to be a special cheese.

Tonight, that special cheese is is Roaring 40s Blue from King Island Australia. (The other cheese on the board that looks a lot like cantaloupe will be discussed later. I promise!) I know I've raved about this before, but tonight, it really was the right cheese for a Wednesday night. This creamy blue cheese is just blend of sweet, salty, creamy and spicy. We had it tonight with a little Zinfandel and it was just love on a cracker! The minute it hit my tongue, all the thoughts spinning through my head just slowed down and I was really home.

The grass the cows eat on this remote island comes with a great legend. One story goes that the straw mattresses from all the boats that wrecked off the coast floated ashore and the seeds inside the mattresses grew into the lush grass the cows snack on, when they aren't indulging in a little kelp snack down by the beach. Really.

I love this story. And who knows, it might be true. This cheese is really something special. Something to make any Wednesday more than just a Wednesday. Enjoy your cheese any night, but don't forget Wednesday!

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