Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's in the Cheese Shop: A Comic Interlude...

Well, the results upon which the future direction of CheeseDreaming are trickling in (Have you voted yet? Let me know what you like reading about the most - just over there to the left of the screen. It's anonymous. I won't know who you are!), and so far the preference is for witty and educational cheese reviews. I promise - tomorrow I'm going to Andrew's Cheese Shop to get my "Cheese for a Wednesday Night" cheese. I will then post a review of said cheese, and the world will rejoice!

In the meantime, a video to remind you to always ask your local cheesemonger what's good. Click on the link. Really. You'll laugh. I promise! Remember, just because it's in the case doesn't mean it's the best thing in the case, and don't you want to take home the best thing (within your price range, of course)?

And maybe a Red Leicester?

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  1. I'll admit it publicly, I'm a fan of the weird cheese facts :)