Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall in love with Cheddar!

With the weather getting cooler, and the days getting shorter, I start to crave the flavors of Fall. I don't know what those flavors are for you, but for me, these flavors include butternut squash, brussel sprouts, apples and Cheddar! And not those grocery store blocks of orange, though they certainly have their place. These days, thanks to globalization and Andrew's Cheese Shop, I can aim higher - for more complex flavor, more crumbly goodness, less salty rubber.

Tonight, we feasted on Avonlea cheddar from Prince Edward Island. If the name of this cheese sounds vaguely familiar to you, and at some point in your early years, you longed to be Anne of Green Gables for just a day, there is a reason! This cheese is named in honor of the fictional village of Avonlea where Anne lived. Awww!

This is a prize winning cheese. And I can tell you why. After emerging from 12 months of aging, just the tiniest crumble of this cheese just explodes with sweet, sunshiny flavor in your mouth. And then you smile. Because even if you never had this cheese as a kid, it feels like coming home. My darling husband eloquently stated that it "tastes like a lullaby - after you take a bite, you just want to snuggle in for a nap." The recipe for this cheese comes from the Orkney Islands of Scotland, but it seems to be working its own magic with the Holstein cows of PEI.

We gobbled up our feast with some tasty Golden Delicious apples. If I had more of this tasty stuff, I think I might try grating it up and creating one amazing mac and cheese. I also, for the first time in my life, understood why people sometimes put cheddar cheese on apple pie. Sadly, it is almost gone (and will surely be gone before I get home from work tomorrow!), so I will have to go get some more in order to experiment appropriately.

Hooray for changing seasons and Avonlea Cheddar! Sweet dreams everyone.

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