Monday, November 9, 2009

Brebirousse D'Argental and Lamb Chopper: Sheep Cheese Party - Part 1

Cheese #1 from this past weekend's sheep's cheese orgy.  Brebirousse D'Argental is a double creame washed rind sheep's milk cheese with a beautiful orange rind with a nice bloom on it.  It has a very fresh taste and a very white paste.  Man Who Sneers at Goat (Cheese) could have sworn that it was goat's cheese until I looked up and proved to him that it was 100% ewe's milk cheese from Lyon.  To his credit, there was a teeny bit of back end barnyardy-ness that crawled up into your sinus cavity (which is what MWSAG(C) objects too).  I felt that it was a bit too mild, even with the "stealth goat" which was fun, if not a little underwhelming.  

As this cheese warmed up, it got nice and spreadable, with a great creamline.  It was a tad gummy for my taste, but Darling Husband enjoyed it (he likes to squish his cheese around on the bread), and a quarter pound was gone in two hours.  Not bad, but definitely not my favorite.

Cheese #2 was a much bigger personal success.  We went with Lamb Chopper, which was actually recommended to me in a comment here a while ago.  It had a great mouth feel - semi soft and mild, but sweet, and really lovely.  This cheese is made in Holland for Cypress Grove (the makers of Humboldt Fog and other great goat cheeses), so it has an international pedigree, and a California address.  While we enjoyed it alone with cornichon pickles and Zinfandel, we thought it would be amazing on a baguette with ham and arugula.  

In fact, Sunday night Darling Husband made grilled cheese sandwiches with the leftovers (yes, there were leftovers - we're not complete gluttons!).  A-maz-ing.  This is a great melting cheese.  Perfect with grilled bread and butter.  Even better than most things that are perfect with grilled bread and butter.  I wouldn't mind having a pound of this around on a regular basis.  Dee-licious!

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