Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cheese for a Wednesday, pt. 12

How insane is this cheese plate?  Perhaps a larger plate was necessary, but as previously discussed, our eyes were bigger than our plans.  This plate is actually backwards.  Traditional cheese plates go from mild to strong in a clockwise pattern.  I'm just contrary like that, and so (accidentally) this plate goes counter clockwise.

Anyway, please see the last post for discussion of the Brebirousse d'Argental and Lamb Chopper (12:00 and 10:00).  Both interesting and delicious.  Tonight, Berkswell and Zamorano (7:00 and 5:00).  The Sao Jorge (3:00) deserves its own post. Seriously, this cheese orgy was out of control.  Anyway, once Man Who Sneers at Goat (Cheese) got past the Brebirousse, he was a happy camper, as were Darling Husband and myself.

The Berkswell is from Neals Yard Dairy, and has the greatest shape.  It looks like a big grey flying saucer.  It is  a bit gritty, but there aren't the crystals that you find in Parmesean.  This sheep's cheese has a great nutty sweetness, and a tannic quality that dries out your tongue like a dry red wine.  And the flavor just stays in your mouth in an amazingly delicious way.

The Zamorano is from Spain has been here before, but only in a little taste.  This time, we managed to finish off the whole wedge with no trouble.  This sheep's milk cheese has a beautiful basket weave rind (not really edible).  This buttery, rich, nutty cheese made for a lot of conversation (we were also a bit further into our bottle of wine).  Quote #1 - "This cheese has that greasy lip sheep cheese thing going on, and I love it!"  Quote #2 - "Ze Spanish cheeze zat startz witz a Z."

Zat's it for tonight!  We're ztill detoxinzg from the butterfat!  Sao Jorge tomorrow, and then on to make new memories!  Cheese dreamz all!

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