Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cheese for a Wednesday - pt 28 Cheese for an Insane Student

Dear CheeseDreaming Fans,
I miss you!  I miss gorging on cheese and telling you about how fun it was!  I miss talking about artisinal cheeses in depth, using poetic turns of phrase to make you hungry even if you've just had a 12 course meal!  I miss starting conversations about organic and raw milk and cheese production!

But until April 17, I am just swamped!  Swamped I say, with homework, papers, case studies, Excel spread sheets and other things that are sooooo not as much fun as cheese.  After that, I'll have a piece of paper that says that I did a lot of work and learned the difference between a Balance Sheet and an Income Statement and how to calculate Net Present Value.  That said, whilst attempting to finish all of this, I'm still procrastinating on the World Wide Webs, and have been finding lots of wacky fun facts about cheese that aren't necessarily worthy of a full post, but make for a great Facebook update.

So, please join me on Facebook if you are missing me as much as I'm missing you!  Look for me at CheeseDreaming and join the fun!  I promise to be back to long form entertainment as soon as possible


  1. I added you to my favorite on my page.

  2. I miss you too! Sadly, I'm not on facebook, I've been adamantly against joining for some time, but if I change my mind, you will be one of the firsts to be added.

  3. Only a few short days and the cheese fest will begin again! I understand about the whole FB thing. It is a total time suck!