Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cheesy Oscar Party Ideas!

OK Cheesedreamers, I just got back from Andrew's Cheese Shop (thanks Andrew for appreciating my humor!), and am all set for the Oscars.  Pictures to follow, but I wanted to take a moment to inspire you to cook with humor and creativity for the Oscars.  If not now, when?  Oscars are about creative artists and talented technicians coming together to make something that is so much more than than the sum of its individual parts.

So, in honor of a few of the films up for Best Film, might I suggest the following snacks.  I apologize for the fact that I am not yet even remotely versed in real recipe writing, but I'm sure you can muddle through.  Just remember to take your French Bread loaf and slice it into 1/2" pieces, drizzle with a little olive oil and toast in the oven on 350 until a toasty, about 5-10 minutes.  Then, put enough cheese on each slice, and pop back in the oven to melt.

Bruschetta with Blue Cheese, caramelized onion and a fringe of scallion.  Neyteri and Jake Scully they're not, but they are blue, and they do have funny little fringe to connect with the earth (or your taste buds)

Saute sliced onion in about a tablespoon of olive oil on medium heat and stir until soft, golden brown and translucent.  Once the cheese is melted, layer on the caramelized onion and top with a little fringe of green onion.

Inglorious Basterds
Bruschetta with melted muenster (the real stinky stuff!) and garlic with a bit of chopped tomato to represent the aggressive strength of Brad Pitt's team of merry men.

After the bread is toasted the first time, rub each slice with a piece of sliced garlic and then top with the muenster.  Once that's all melted, top with a little fresh tomato

OK, this is a bit of a cheat, but there is a brand of Mozzarella at my grocery store called Precious, so how about a Tomato/Precious Mozzarella/Basil Caprese Salad.  Just slice and layer and drizzle with a little olive oil and dust with cracked pepper.

I'm kind of stumped with the others.  What cheese represents The Blind Side?  District 9?   An Education?  Up in the Air?  Up?  A Serious Man?  Hurt Locker?  I figure 3 out of 10 is pretty good for a small party.  Any one else doing something cheesy for their Oscar party?   Help me out with some more fun ideas!


  1. First a coffee blog, now a cheese blog?! Wonder what other treasures lie in wait for me? Love your site and looking forward to reading more!

  2. Thanks! The AVATAR bruschetta were a huge hit. Pics to come tomorrow. The BASTERDS were extra stinky, and a little cheeky, just like Tarantino.