Friday, August 28, 2009

Awake with Weekend Cheese

Just got home from work - overall a pretty decent week. I'm slowly coming out at a cheese head at the office, and feelin' the love! Threw some ice in a glass, added vodka and OJ, and while I was in there, realized that there was a little sack of cheese love from last weekend sitting patiently, waiting for me to notice. Shame on me for ignoring my little cheese bites! So, I sliced them up and gobbled them up! Feeling fabulous now, waiting for the weekend to begin.

And really, this is an important moment to remind myself (and anyone reading...) to buy only what you plan on eating/serving in a week or two. Cheese really does last for a long time. It just continues to age. The flavor does change over time, but that is part of the fun! If you spot a little mold on the rind, don't worry. Just cut it off. I know, I know...I used to be that way too. Still am about lots of things, but I'm getting over it when it comes to cheese mold. Trust me, you will KNOW if it has gone off, which only means that you haven't been eating your cheese, and shame on you!

So, I'm saying it here...I'm going to make my first batch of mozzarella this weekend. Now that it is out there, it has to happen, right? I'm also reading through Italy in the Cheese Primer, so may need to go in and get some Italian cheese! Big plans, big plans!

Will have some happy cheese dreams tonight. Hope y'all do too!

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