Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cheese Dreams for Cheese Dreaming?

At lunch today, after I located a phone number to follow up on missing paperwork and before I made the phone call, I made a list of upcoming blog post topics for this little ole blog. Since I've been working late, and my creativity is simmering but not ready to create fully formed curd these days, I thought that would be a good idea. I've got some good ones too.

But then, I found the following link on Google - Better dreaming through cheese. I knew that in the past, doctors had prescribed Camembert for digestive problems, but had never thought that it might be used as a hallucinogen. And I quote

"I am interested in regulating my dreams by eating various combinations of cheese before bedtime. Can you suggest some different cheeses and their effects and how they are likely to work together?"

I had never, ever, thought of this as a possibility! Huge LOLs for a Tuesday night! I have to say, it does make sense. So many bacteria, making so much yummy goodness, some of them must have mind altering effects! Apparently, the British Cheese Board did a whole study. Stilton makes you dream of vegetarian alligators or army men throwing kittens instead of grenades. and Cheddar makes you dream of Johnny Depp. The British head cheese says its something in the amino acids that reduces stress.

More than one commentator asked the question - what happens when you eat French cheese, or Swiss cheese, or Napa Valley cheese? Dreams of Jerry Lewis making watches while drinking a big Chardonnay?

This will definitely be a new topic of research!

If you want to read more now, please visit - http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview/id/568693.html

Sweet cheese dreams to all!

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