Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Waiting for the Curd to Form...

A busy day of accounting software management followed by a night on the town has kept me from accomplishing much in the way of gathering new cheese knowledge, but there are several things on the forefront that should result in a series of entertaining stories in the near future.

First, and most concretely, I have finally ordered my "30 minute mozzarella kit" from the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company! I should be receiving my rennet, citric acid, dairy thermometer, muslin, and recipe booklet within three days!! Having it so neatly packaged makes it feel a bit like a housewarming gift and less of an official foray into cheesemaking, but I thought this might be an easier first step than, say, a washed rind triple creame, reminiscent of the Red Hawk cheese created by the Cowgirl Creamery. They've been doing this for much longer, and have much better equipment. If you would like to follow along with the mozzarella experiment, you can for the low price of $24.95 + shipping. I'm not getting any endorsements, but they do seem to be the place to go for everything from beginner kits like this one to black diamond materials like Penicillium Roqueforti for making your own fancy blue cheese. http://www.cheesemaking.com/30-Minute-Mozzarella-Ricotta-Kit.html

In other news, the DH and I are first on the waiting list for tomorrow night's Australian Wine and Cheese tasting at the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills. Fingers crossed that someone will drop out and remember to call! Should be most educational.

So, until then, cheese dreaming to all and to all cheesy dreams! Wait...that's not right...

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